Monthly Archives: April 2013

Cocktail Hour- Beet Juice Martinis

Want some vitamins along with your booze?  Well, then, this is the cocktail for you.  Simply take your basic martini and add beet juice, a bit of lime, and voilà- you have a tasty and (sort of) nutritious drink. Recipe (for 1): 2 oz gin 1/2 oz (or less) dry vermouth 1 oz beet juice […]

The Top Ten Foods You Need to Try While in New Orleans

There are a lot of things to see and do whilst on vacation in New Orleans. However, if you go, you should make sure to try the following culinary delights (listed in no particular order): 1) Beignets: These simple doughnuts topped with icing sugar are way better than anything you’ll find at a Dunkin Doughnuts […]