Monthly Archives: February 2014

Some News

Hey regular readers…if you do, indeed, exist. I have exciting news!  I will soon be going on vacation to Israel and the  Paris.  So, expect exciting blog posts about my food-related experiences while travelling! Also, in the future, I plan on posting more food pics (mostly of things I make), even when I don’t have […]

Restaurant Review: Bier Markt

Tonight I attended my first ever Concordia Alumni Relations event: ‘an evening of beer tasting and food pairing at Bier Markt’. Though I had never heard of Bier Markt before registering for the event, I have since learned that it is an Ontario-based chain whose Montreal location has been open for a couple of months. […]

Restaurant Reviews & The Industry in General

I’ve struggled with the idea of posting in-depth reviews of restaurants on here for a while, due to the following reasons: 1) I know that working as a cook can be difficult, and don’t want to unduly criticize anyone. 2) I wasn’t sure whether I should risk being ostracized for any potentially negative remarks I […]