What is thecaringkitchen?

Good question!  At worst this will become a place that allows me to record the things that I have done, so that I can later go back and improve upon them.  It will also allow me a place to write, and a chance to put my thoughts into words.

At best, thecaringkitchen will become a resource, and a source of entertainment for others (namely, whoever is reading this right now!).

As for subject matter, all posts will relate to either cooking or gardening, with a slant towards sustainability and vegetarianism.  I will document things that I do (in relation to those subjects), as well as things that other people do, review products and services, and record my thoughts and opinions.

Who am I?

Hi!  My name is Sarah, and I went to Concordia University and completed a BA in English Literature before deciding to go to cooking school in order to pursue my other lifelong passion.  I have lived in Montreal, and have been a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian (some might say pescatarian), all my life.  I love cooking, baking, gardening, doing things myself, and reading.

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