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  1. Hello, Sarah. Thank you for posting these instructions and discussion of scoby-making and kefir grains. I’m in Denver. I think Synergy brand unflavored raw kombucha will still make a scoby. It takes a long while and needs nursing along of course. I had one forming fairly well though, 2 weeks in, when a tiny insect flew in and I had to chuck the batch. The second batch is under way, this time in the oven and with better covering. Though willing to drive a good distance, I’m not finding kefir or scoby sharers locally; they seem to prefer sharing within their small, often remote, or far-flung mountain communities. My husband and I theorize that people are perhaps concerned about being sued by users claiming a culture caused illness. Have you tried water kefir grains as well? Did you finally purchase any cultures online? Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi Michele! Good luck to you. I’m sure you’ll be successful this time…just make sure the oven isn’t turned on accidentally! I don’t know about your theory, but you are in the States, so I guess being sued is more of a concern over there. I would argue that there are simply not that many people interested in brewing their own kombucha. I have tried the water kefir grains (after finally finding a local store that carries them), and they do produce a mild, sweet, lightly carbonated beverage. I have experimented a bit with kefiring other liquids (nut milk, soy milk) without too much success. The grains that I bought are available online, at

  2. Hi! How’s that emson smoker working out?
    Id love to have a cold smoker for cheese!

  3. Diane McCutcheon · · Reply

    Hi Sarah – I tried to email you but for some reason it didn’t open. I would like to try brewing my own kombucha & have been trying to find a scoby but have not been able to find kombucha for sale in any stores in my area (not a lot of health food stores in Park Extension). Are you still interested in donating a scoby?

    1. Hi Diane- I’ve sent you an email.

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