Hi, everyone!

Welcome, caringkitchen readers! I’ve decided to start this blog in order to share my interest in cooking, and in growing edible food. I’m a lifelong vegetarian who eats fish, and thus my posts will reflect this (i.e.-not much space will be devoted to issues like where to find organic meat, etc.). I plan to use this space to document things I am cooking, things I am growing, as well as related things that others are doing. Well, that’s it for the moment…stay tuned for my first real blog post!


  1. Thank you for your review. Would you have been equally satisfied with the smoker if it cost $179.99?

    1. Yes, I think so. I haven’t seen anything else quite like it, and when you consider the fact that a pressure cooker alone costs around $100, a combo pressure cooker/smoker seems worth $200. Of course, I have yet to try the cold smoking option, so I may change my mind based on those results.

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