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Dear Blog (and possible blog readers),

I know that I have been neglecting you lately.  The truth is, this past year has been rather rough for me. After I returned from Paris, I looked for a waitressing or bartending job, but was unsuccessful in spite of 12 years of experience.  I also tried to find clients for the personal chef business […]

Where to Find Fermentation Cultures in Montreal?

Good news, readers!  After many hours of fruitless google searching, I have finally stumbled upon a store which sells Tempeh spores and Kefir grains in Montreal:  MycoBoutique.  Both water and milk Kefir grains are available.  I decided to go with the water grains, since I’m interested in doing both dairy and non-dairy ferments, and from […]

Some News

Hey regular readers…if you do, indeed, exist. I have exciting news!  I will soon be going on vacation to Israel and the  Paris.  So, expect exciting blog posts about my food-related experiences while travelling! Also, in the future, I plan on posting more food pics (mostly of things I make), even when I don’t have […]